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Innovative Prophets provides structure, content, and execution of digital marketing strategies.
We charge a third of what standard marketing agencies charge, but we do 100% of the work.

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Robert Shapiro, CEO of trulr

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Robert Shapiro, CEO of trulr

They're pretty good at what they do

Lila stokinova, designer at nike

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Robert Shapiro, CEO of trulr

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Robert Shapiro, CEO of trulr

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Robert Shapiro, CEO of trulr
Innovative Prophets provides constructive solutions to your company’s revenue generation obstacles.
Digital Media

We help companies craft personalized brand experiences across web and mobile. In today's digital world, the vast majority of customers' first impression of a business is online. This is why we believe it is vital for businesses to have a strong online presence.


We work with brands to find sponsorship opportunities. Whether you're a brand looking for sponsors or looking to sponsor, we can help connect you. The main industries we work in for sponsorship are sports and entertainment.


All online retail experiences should be optimised for the customer. In 2018, global ecommerce sales increased over 20% from 2017 to $3.5T USD. We want to help you make your website both more profitable and user-friendly.

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