About Us

Learn what drives us, how we got here, and more

Based out of Melbourne, Innovative Prophets was founded in 2019 to provide digital marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. In a time where brick and mortar retailers have had to expand or completely pivot to online shops and social media promotion, Innovative Prophets provides a full team of marketing specialists for a fraction of the cost that a full-time, in house resource would require. Whether you require retail sales or sponsorship assistance, website and brand design, or general marketing of your business and services, Innovative Prophets can deliver for your business at cost-effective rates.

Our Team

Our team is a diverse group of marketing specialists, designers, and sponsorship experts with international experience

Alex Pellerano


Kealohi Grondin

Web & Graphic Design

Noah Gershwin

President of Web Content Development

Carly Bunuan

Marketing & Web Design

Albi Popaj

Marketing & Web Design
Past Work
In our short time in operation, we have been able to successfully partner multiple brands such as Virgin Australia, The Australian Baseball League, and ESPN to increase customer engagement across Australia, improve the eCommerce presence of brands such as Fielder's Choice in Perth, and bring in new customers via social media marketing with Juana Taco and Juan88 in Melbourne. We look forward to tackling any digital marketing roadblocks you may have.